Electric Cat Ball Toys

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Specifications:Material:ABS/SiliconeDiameter:About 1.69in / 4.3cmBattery capacity:80mAhBattery life:About 30-40 minutes on a full charge

Package Contents:1x Smart Ball1x Type-C Cable

Notes:1.Turn on the smart ball: short press the on-off key2.Switch mode: After turning on the smart ball, long press the power button3.Smart mode (the blue indicator light stays on for 3 seconds), automatically enters standby mode after running for 5 minutes, reactivates the ball to turn on after slapping,

About Charging:1.Blinking red light: battery is too low and needs to be charged2.Blinking blue light: the product is charging3.The green light stays on: charging is complete, please fully charge it for the first time

Introducing our revolutionary cat toy, designed to provide endless entertainment while ensuring the utmost safety and comfort for your furry friend. Crafted from high-quality food-grade ABS material, our toy guarantees durability and resilience against even the most enthusiastic of cat bites.

At just 43mm in size, our "claw control" technology sets us apart from traditional rolling balls, offering a more tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your cat's primal instincts. This ensures an engaging and stimulating playtime that taps into your cat's natural hunting instincts.

With its intelligent mode feature, our toy takes interactive play to the next level. Simply give it a gentle pat to activate and watch as it simulates the erratic movements of prey, intelligently navigating its environment to provide a dynamic and unpredictable experience for your cat.

But that's not all our toy is designed with your peace of mind in mind. Its whisper-quiet operation ensures that both you and your cat can enjoy uninterrupted playtime, day or night. Plus, with its soft and skin friendly silicone wrap, it not only reduces noise but also increases friction for added excitement, all while providing bite resistance and unmatched durability.

Give your cat the gift of endless fun and stimulation with our innovative cat toy. Quiet, intelligent, and built to last it's the perfect addition to any cat lover's home.

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