Cat Grass Planting Box Growing Kit Hydroponic Soil-Free

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  • ● Excluding Seeds: Cute cat grass box is a planting container product, due to the import mechanism, the seeds can not be cleared, the product does not contain cat grass seeds, Thank you for your understanding!
  • ● Cat Grass Planting Box: Soil-free Container Catnip Planting Tray Double-layer Separate Design, Take Out The Plant Can Be Directly Added Water, Very Convenient, Save Time and Effort.
  • ● Easy to Use: Read our detail pictures for easy to-follow instructions and planting tips, and watch your cat grass sprout in as little as 4-7 days.
  • ● Indoor Cat Grass: Hydroponic system is soil-free, you can cultivate the cat grass you want at home without soil. Our are designed to support you in all your planting and gardening. They are super light. Soilless Cat Grass Planter has the large-capacity chassis can store a lot of water.
  • ● Sustainable and eco-friendly: Our planting container is made from ABS materials and is a great choice for eco-conscious pet owners.


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