Pillow Travel Neck, Head, and Lumbar Support Pillow, Fleece Twistable Travel Pillow Filled with Microbeads (Blue)

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  • MULTIPURPOSE DONUT PILLOW: This product can act as a headrest like a standard travel pillow, but it also provides neck and even lumbar support. Wherever you need some extra comfort, this pillow can help.
  • ADJUSTABLE CIRCULAR PILLOW: Twist and adjust this mini pillow to meet your needs. Fold it over the back of a chair, or twist it to support your neck just right on a road trip.
  • COMFORT PILLOW: Comfort is our priority with this pillow. It is covered in soft fleece that won’t rub and cause irritation, even on long flights or road trips. You’ll always have perfect comfort on the road.
  • FIRM NECK PILLOW: The fleece is soft, but the microbeads on the inside are firm to bring you optimum support. Your head and neck won’t droop while you sleep, and your lumbar will stay supported.
  • AIRPLANE TRAVEL ESSENTIAL: If you travel on airplanes often, this pillow is a must-have. It’s comfortable, supportive, and lightweight. You can even twist it to fit into your luggage.