Spiritual Buddha Zen Garden Kit Decoration Sand Meditation Peaceful Relax handmade

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Personal Zen garden is a great way to find your inner peace. Be it your home or your workstation at the office, Zen gardens are adaptable to sizes and thus makes a great companion for meditating too.

“The concept of Zen gardens originated in Japan. It is a way of life and is associated with stress reduction. It is supposed to evoke feelings of tranquility, calmness and peace. It has mental as well as psychological health benefits.”

Zen gardens use rocks and gravel or sand to recreate the essence of nature. The swirling patterns give a complete look to a Zen garden. These lines are important as they have a calming effect on the mind. In older times, monks used to re-rake the patterns of the sand in reference to their mind. The act of raking can help to order peace to the wandering mind.

Firstly, maintaining a Zen garden takes your concentration away from the regular stress to the elements of nature. This activity is distressing in itself. By focusing on the space rather than the rocks, one can begin to appreciate life’s beauty.

  • Desktop Zen gardens can be used for meditative purposes and can be used as a piece of Zen décor that adds a meditative feel to the room
  • Can be used to create design while on your office desk or be used as a piece of decor
  • Easy to make
  • Package included: Rake, Sand, Natural rocks, Buddha, Pavilion, big black rock (ZEN) & small green plant. 
  • Dimension: 8.5 in x 8 in x 0.5 in