Smart Indoor Hydroponics Garden Kit, Herbs, Fruit, Growing System, led light

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Smart Indoor Garden Kit,Herb Garden Hydroponics Growing System,Xmas Led Desktop Growing Light for Home/Room/Kitchen/Office,Smart Indoor Herb Garden Grow Lamp for Flower/Fruit/Vegetable-(Blue)
  • ►【New Generation Indoor Garden Light】: Our Mini Smart Indoor Garden Kit is not only an indoor garden light but also a reading lamp. Easy to use and Smart control with an auto control panel, Auto turns lights on / off. It helps to accelerate the growth of indoor fresh herbs, Basil, Salad Greens flowers and more. Space-saving, this compact indoor garden light is an ideal gift for kids Mom and friends. Seeds and liquid fertilizer no included. They are free to choose upon your interest and habit.
  • ►【3 Modes】: (1)FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT Mode: red, blue & white led will be bright when you turn on, it's natural sunlight mode for your plants. (2) PROFESSIONAL Plant Mode: Professional growing lights (8 red Leds + 2 blue Leds) contribute to professional planting results. The blue light promotes the growth of stems and leaves, and the red light is for flower's blooming.(3) READING Mode: 8 white Led lights up,long pressing button adjust with 3 lightness levels.
  • ►【Easy To Use & Space-Saving】: An auto-timed (16 hours lighting time + 8 hours sleep time everyday, automatically turn on/off.) 8.5 watt LED Grow Lights for indoor plants, lets you grow a indoor herb garden without natural light. The water reservoir can last about 2-3 weeks without refilling. With water shortage alarm system, you can easily determine when to add water. It is very compact, with this space-saving and easy garden size, you can grow fresh herbs and veggies on counter, windowsill...
  • ►【 360 Degree Adjustable & Water Shortage Reminder】Adjustable arm - 360 Degree parallel rotation to meet your different reading needs.Perpendicular 180 degree rotary fits in plants of different growing heights, up to 17 inches. And Indoor herbal garden System don't require daily watering, it could auto irrigate for 2-3 weeks, And smart when the red light flashes and the Machine beep it reminds you to add water.
  • ►【Enjoy Indoor Planting】: Come with extra gift 3 Transplanting Garden Tool Sets for indoor gardening plant care. 8.5W Ultra low power and high efficiency, growth promotion effect is obvious. Perfect for herb, basil, salad greens curly parsley, thyme chive, mint, dill, parsley cherry tomato, rosemary, Enjoy fresh fruit and herbs without harmful substances or pesticides. ( Important Tip: If the seeds do not germinate in 2 weeks, it may be caused by seed quality. Please replace some new seeds.)
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