Protection Hat Kids with Face Mask

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Full protection: serves as a safety shield for men and women to guard face and eyes. Great design protection transparent mask and hat effectively isolates saliva carrying viruses, can block most of the odor, dust, debris and other harmful particles in the air. (Pollen) 

Multifunctional: mask and hat, our safety face shield, versatile for a variety of uses in industrial and home settings household choirs, dust-free  environmental protection, general cleaning purposes, public places, fog and haze weather, gray sky, hospital, fog weather, flu season, snow weather, building site etc. 

Optimized features: made of high-quality materials, anti-fogging waterproof and dustproof, adjustable size for adult men and women, piece that fits a various range of face shapes and sizes no smells, light weight, ultra soft, highly breathable protective ạnd esthetically pleasing cap.