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The Contour Leg Pillow is an orthopedic memory foam leg cushion that provides side sleepers comfort for their lower back, hips, legs & spine. By positioning you in your natural alignment, the leg pillow is designed to help alleviate pressure points that often cause discomfort & pain.

The one thing that makes the Contour leg Pillow different than the rest, is our unique patented design to help side sleepers cushion not just their thighs & legs, but their knees too! By fully cushioning your thighs, legs, and knees – The Contour puts you in proper sleeping alignment. This prevents your back and hips from rotating which causes painful pressure points!

Better support, improved posture that provides a great night sleep and comfort for:

Better support for legs and knees with contour leg pillow

🛌 Back pain & sciatica relief

🛌 Stress on your hips or hip replacement recovery

🛌 Knee support to eliminate bone on bone discomfort

🛌 Pregnancy support for improved sleep

🛌 Spine alignment for side sleeping

🛌 Helps comfort arthritis in back, hips, legs or knees

🛌 Surgery recovery or replacement surgery support

🛌 Total leg support (when you use 2 together)

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